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Jan Morris - Octopus

About Art Imaging

Hi, I'm Brett Boatman, the owner and operator of Art Imaging. I have been working in the printing and graphics industry 30+ years.

For 18 years I contracted for a well known print shop in Olympia, Washington.


If you are an artist or photographer in this area, there is a good chance you’ve worked with me before.


I have worn a lot of hats in this industry, but scanning and printing art is what I most enjoy.


One of my frustrations was not being able to spend as much time with the artists as I would have liked, to understand their needs and deliver the perfect solution. I created Art Imaging to work directly with artists. For several years now, I serve clients from my home office/studio where I have a small gallery of my favorite prints from artists that I've worked with.

My sole focus is on high quality scanning and printing for artists and photographers. Let me help you get your art turned into prints.

Call or Text me today!

- Brett

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